Patience. Wearing. Thin.

I’ve said before that it takes energy for me to be out schmoozing and talking to people in public. It’s like a rechargeable battery for me, and if I don’t get the time away from people I need to be able to let it recharge, my ability to smoothly navigate all social situations begins to degrade.

My rechargeable batter is running on empty. More than.

What does that mean? It means I’ve got a shorter temper than normal. I say things out loud that the reasonable Bryce would never come close to saying. I have little patience for mistakes–in me or in others. And the problem is that I know this is happening, and there’s not much I seem to be able to do to stop it.

What do I need to be able to let that battery recharge?

Some time without having to deal with other people’s problems all the time. Some time I can have no one else at my house other than family. (I love that the construction workers are taking care of business, but knowing I might have to talk to them at any moment is a constant drain. I know this sounds whiny. Sue me. I stress over silly things. It’s something I’m trying to get better at, but this is where I am now.)

I could go on and whine for a while more, but I don’t have the energy to do it, and I don’t see what good it would do. Just know that if you’ve had to deal with me the last week or two, and I’ve seemed distracted or just generally grumpier, there’s a reason for that.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that for now. Because if I type one more sentence, I’m going to turn into this guy.

That about sums it up for me at the moment. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

2 thoughts on “Patience. Wearing. Thin.”

  1. Oh heavens, I am SO WITH YOU about the construction workers.

    I love that people are making my home beautiful, but when I’m at home I kind of want to be… at home. It’s disorienting to suddenly encounter an unexpected person who is worthy of respect, attention and small talk at times and places when my brain is not properly aligned for, well, small talk.

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