Public Service Announcement for the Technologically Impaired (PSATI)

In case you haven’t heard, you don’t really need to have a telephone at home anymore. You just need an internet connection. And you don’t really need one of those new fangled “phone companies” like Vonage that will charge you to make phone calls over that internet connection. You need Skype. True, Skype will also charge you if you call someone who doesn’t also have Skype, but here’s the thing. If you both have Skype, it’s all free. As in, you don’t pay a red cent. Or a blue cent. Or even a paisley cent.

But wait.

There’s more.

If you both have webcams, you can video conference for free. I finally tried this out, and I was really impressed by how good the video was. I mean, we’re not talking HD here, but it wasn’t bad. And did I mention it was free? My wife has already called people at home in Slovakia numerous times, and instead of paying a ridiculous amount to talk with them, she payed nothing.

And people wonder why I love technology.

So bloggers, if any of you want to talk to me–or even see me–be aware that I’m now Skyped up. Drop me a line and I’ll add you to my Skype friends list. Which is disturbingly short as of right now. Because no one else has Skype.

That I know of.

1 thought on “Public Service Announcement for the Technologically Impaired (PSATI)”

  1. skype is great…when it works. It has a nasty tendency to crash, though. Or at least, it did last I used it, which granted hasn’t been for eight months or so. I use it for conference call roleplaying sessions, and not much else. But then, I don’t have anyone to call overseas.

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