Weekends and Rainy Days

Why is it that weekends can tend to be so drippy, and then when it’s finally time for Monday to roll around, mother nature decides to pull up the shades, open the windows and give the area a good airing out? It would be so much easier to be at work if it had been gorgeous over the weekend and gloomy today. But such is life.

I submitted Ichabod to another agent this morning. I would have submitted to more, but this one didn’t require a query letter, just a synopsis. And since I finished my synopsis before the query . . . you do the math. But it feels good to be sending things out again–like all my time researching agents wasn’t wasted. Of course, once those rejections start pouring in, then the bitter feelings will begin. But today, things are light and airy.

Sort of like the weather.

Watched Red Dragon over the weekend. As a prequel to Silence of the Lambs, it was intriguing. Ed Norton, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Philip Seymour Hoffman–what’s not to like? Definitely not for the squeamish, it was disturbing and diverting. Three stars, but no Silence. Loads better than Hannibal, but what wouldn’t be?

I also played a fair bit of Mario Kart Wii, which I’m enjoying and my son absolutely loves. My favorite part is how well they’ve incorporated online content–for Nintendo, at least. If any of you are playing out there, I’d be happy to give you my friend code, and then we can race and see who really is a superior specimen of the human race and who’s just . . . not.

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  1. Several years ago I read about research that showed it did, in fact, rain more on weekends than on weekdays, at least in the area being studied.
    The explanation, according to the researchers, was that more people drive on weekdays than on weekends and the pollution would help trigger rainfall. But because there was about a two-day lag between cause and effect, that meant Saturday and Sunday got rain caused by the pollution on Thursday and Friday, but Monday and Tuesday got less rain due to less pollution on weekends.
    I don’t know whether the research was ever confirmed, but it seemed plausible.

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