Realization: I am Getting Older

You’d think that this is a conclusion I would have come to a bit sooner in life. I mean, does it really take 30 years to figure out that you’re getting older? Well, I suppose this particular realization was more along the lines of “I will not always be young.” How did it happen? I renewed my World of Warcraft account. It had been over two years, and I was eager to dive right in, but then something happened.

I couldn’t get the newfangled controls to work.

That’s right–I said newfangled. That’s a lovely word, but I certainly never planned on using it to describe technology or video games any time soon. But that’s how I felt. They’ve changed the game so much in two years. Suddenly I was trying to do something that I used to be pretty darn good at, only to discover I had totally forgotten how to do it. This was a disappointing feeling. All at once, I saw a vision of me ten years down the road, trying in vain to keep up with TRC as he clobbers me at [insert video game of the year here]. Thirty years down the road, when I completely lose touch with anything that’s even remotely cool. Fifty years down the road, when I’m shaking my cyborg fist at all the young whippersnappers with their [insert obnoxious item here].

And it all starts with not figuring out how to play a lousy game.


2 thoughts on “Realization: I am Getting Older”

  1. Funny
    That newfangled comment literally made me laugh out loud!!
    But, at least you look good, right? Start plucking gray hairs and wearing your belt under your hanging out stomach and we’ll talk about feeling old!!

  2. Re: Funny
    Losing weight does somewhat compensate for the newfangled feeling, I’ll admit. 🙂
    Well, that and the fact that I played last night and felt much more at peace in Azeroth.

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