Red Son

I can’t believe how crazy life is right now. Work is just gangbusters busy, and I’m pretty darn booked when I get home each night, too. Thank goodness DKC has the next few weeks off from work–that gives us more time to get everything else done. I don’t like it when I get too swamped (does anyone?)–too much trudging forward, and I get snappy and ill-tempered. I did find time to watch Palin’s speech last night, and I was fairly impressed by it. Not impressed enough to say I’m going to vote for her and Mr. Roboto, but impressed nonetheless.

Child update: DC has now started to sit up all over the place, which means good bye bouncy chairs and her little automatic swing. Now she sits in a high chair and has started using the jumping thing–you know, the one that goes in the middle of door ways? Yeah. Loves it. I’ll post pictures.

One of these days. 🙂

Starting to get more responses in on ParkerBoy, and they’re fairly varied. This makes revising more difficult, as it means I actually have to decide what to do on my own. See, it’s easier when everyone says the same thing, because then you know you have to change it. But when one person loves a character and the other one hates him or her . . . what do you do? I’m still letting it stew in my mind, and I’m hopeful that I’m only a few days away from being ready to start the revision. It’s been nice to let it sit for a couple of weeks.

In other news, I haven’t read a good many graphic novels, but I’m starting to dip more and more into them. It helps that the library I’m working at is developing a collection of popular materials, complete with quite a few graphic novels. Yesterday I read one that I really enjoyed: Red Son. Basically, it rests on the premise that Superman crashed into earth as a child 12 hours later (or earlier) than he did in the normal comic, and what effect that has on the world. You see, 12 hours difference would mean that he landed in the USSR, not America. So he’s raised believing in the merits of Communism and all that jazz. Really interesting “what if”, and a fun read to boot.

Finally, I have to think up some things to tell people I want for my birthday. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m all ears. Or eyes, I suppose I should say. Unless you call me. Then I’m all ears.

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