Rocket Road Trip

I wanted to take a minute to promote the web comic done by a couple of friends of mine: Rocket Road Trip. It tells the zany adventures of Ace Rocketfuel and friends. They often have cool pop culture references, tying in everything from Star Wars to Bruce Campbell to John Scalzi. There’s a new episode every Monday. Add ’em to your RSS feed.

Who are the creators? Well, you’ve got Isaac Stewart, a friend of mine who was in my writing group in Utah and is now in my Skype writing group. He does the maps and graphics for Brandon Sanderson’s books, and did the book design for my alpaca fantasy book, too. And then you’ve got Shawn Boyles, the guy who did the pictures for my alpaca fantasy book. (For example, the picture of Ozzy I use as my avatar for this blog.) Cool stuff. (And speaking of alpaca fantasy books, stay tuned, faithful readers. There will be more information in that vein soon. Not “sequel” information, but new information nonetheless . . .)

Anyway, without further ado, head on over to yesterday’s comic, which was cool enough to make me want to write a whole blog post to promote these guys. Great job, Shawn and Isaac!

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