Skiing, or the Lack Thereof

Better Off DeadSo I have the day off today. Sugarloaf Mountain was offering free skiing to all local Maine residents, and Denisa and I had big plans. We had babysitters lined up, I got off work, everything was set for a day full of skiing bliss.

Until it rained like an inch yesterday. Thanks a lot weather.

So instead of skiing, I’m Getting Things Done. I’m moving video over to my 2TB hard drive, capturing new video of home movies from a while back to store it and keep it safe, cleaning the house, putting up Christmas decorations–all sorts of stuff that isn’t all that interesting to blog about. I live a fascinating life, don’t I? Sometimes I wonder why I insist on blogging every day, when this is all I can come up with.

Hey everybody–Groundhog Day is just two months away! You getting your party ready? 🙂

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