Snow Day!

Actually one and a half snow days, if you’re getting technical. Schools let out early yesterday, and they were totally canceled today. Add to that the fact that it’s President’s Day on Monday, the kids have all next week off for winter break, and I’ve got jury duty on Tuesday (yay?), and we’ve got a pretty big rest period ahead of us.

How will I be spending it? I’m working on THE MEMORY THIEF revision, for one thing. It’s actually pretty minor, all things considered. My agent got his notes to me, and I’ve been churning through them, but the book looks like it’s pretty much on track. There are some motivations that need to be better defined, and some character traits that have to be smoothed out, but if this were a house renovation, it would be mostly redoing the closets or switching out the light fixtures, as opposed to moving wall or adding a second story. That’s a really good sign. I’m hopeful I can get the revision done in the next week or so and then have it go out on submission in the not-too-distant future.


I’ll also be watching the Olympics, of course. The kids and Denisa are going to be skiing quite a bit, but there’s also some cleaning around the house that needs doing. And taxes. Mustn’t forget the taxes. I suppose even on the days when there’s nothing you have to do, there’s still plenty you have to do, if that makes sense.

So I’m off to do it!

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