The Techie Walk of Shame

It’s true. This morning, I had to call the help desk to get my computer fixed. I’m man enough to admit it publicly. My laptop (a Mac) refused to start, and I worked on the thing for two hours before finally throwing in the towel. It had been bugging me to update it for the last week or two, and I finally caved in yesterday and let it run the updates.

Classic mistake.

So it wouldn’t boot this morning, and I has a sad. I’m now on a loaner computer, which just feels wrong. I’m a one computer at a time kind of guy, and here I am stepping out with an older model while my one and only is in bed, sick.

I’m such a traitor.

Don’t worry, Lappy. This loaner model is blechy.

In any case, this isn’t the way I wanted to head into a long weekend (big storm on the way tomorrow. Who knows if we’ll have school or not. That’s followed by President’s Day, and then the day after that I have Jury Duty revenge. But who am I kidding? Lappy will likely have to get sent in to have its poor memory wiped, and I’ll be with this loaner for the next six weeks.

Moan and groan. At least I have the loaner, I suppose . . .

And if you don’t get the Lappy reference (and I don’t blame you), you really ought to check this out.

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