Snow Days (or lack thereof)

So I have finally found the downside to knowing you get snow days at work. If you wake up one morning, the snow is pelting down and there’s already three inches on the ground–and you DON’T get a snow day, you become bitter. Grumpy. But I’m pretty much over that now. It helped that we all had a Mardi Gras lunch at work. I had eight different flavors of ice cream, two donut thingies, a piece of sweet potato pie and three big glasses of chocolate milk. I also had lunch.

Did I ever mention I need to start going to the gym?

I do.

Today’s Super Tuesday, folks. Aren’t you all just so excited you can’t stand it? If one of two things happen today, I will at least be content. Either Obama needs to stop Clinton or Romney needs to stop McCain. I could blog about this till the snow stops here. But I’m not going to. You’re welcome.

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