Space, Rotary Phones, and Mini-Golf: Awesome Link-O-Rama

A busy day here in Brycedom, so to keep you all entertained while I’m off doing other things, allow me to distract you with three fine links I came across during my daily web crawl. First up? A website that shows you just how big the solar system is. It starts with a simple conceit. What if the moon were one pixel large? How big would the earth be? How about the sun? And that’s fascinating enough, but what’s *really* interesting is the blank space in between all the planets and the sun. This is the first place I’ve seen that really captures that. Be prepared for horizontal scrolling. LOTS of horizontal scrolling.

Next I present to you a video of kids reacting to seeing a rotary phone for the first time. (Hint: they don’t get it. Though I do love some of the contrived ways they figured out how people would use them to text back in the day . . .)

And last but not least, in the “Proving you can make something inspiring about any topic,” I present to you a documentary about a man who shot a perfect 18 hole mini-golf game. Because I guess there’s a pro league for anything? It’s short, and it’s fun, and it’s the only time I’ve ever heard a grown man admit he started crying over a mini-golf score.

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