Television Review: Perry Mason 2

The biggest problem about finding a TV show that moves quickly and really draws you in is that you burn through it so fast you’re left stuck having to find another show to watch. Denisa and I enjoyed the first season of Perry Mason back when it came out, and I heard good things about the second. Not enough that I wanted to watch it week by week, but once the show was fully released, we gave it a shot.

It’s always a good sign when you decide at night that you won’t actually be that tired if you finish the season instead of going to bed. With Perry, we kept finding ourselves watching two episodes a night instead of just one, and last night we ended up watching three.

It was engrossing from start to finish, with a very strong noir vibe. This season tracks the case of a rich man gunned down at night. A couple of Mexican immigrants are pinned for the murder. Naturally, Perry steps in to defend them.

The plot is well done, the characters well drawn, the show well executed. There are a few ties back to the last season, but not in a way that you really need to have watched it to have this season make sense. As a long time Perry Mason fan growing up, I like how they’ve involved all the core characters from the show in a way that feels like it fits in (with my vague memories of what those characters were like). Yes, they still HBOized the show, though with a noir vibe like this show has, that doesn’t feel too off.

If you’re looking for a good mystery, this is a solid series to watch. 8.5/10


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