Tomas Update: Week 22 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci! It’s been another fun week out here in žilina. This week we did a bunch of service which was really cool, and the weather has been alternating between being way better and just rainy and sad. Anyways, here is what happened this week:

Tuesday we got up and headed out to a farm owned by a man named Igor. He wanted us to paint a wall there (missionaries have a history of going there for service so he knew us already). We got to see too really nice dogs and a cool yellow/blue bird that kept yelling at us. The wall looked vaguely better once we finished but the paint they have hear doesn’t stick super well to bare particle board so that’s not really our fault. We also had a meeting with one of our friends (the guy from the sushi restaurant if anyone remembers) and good ol English class. That was a good day.

Wednesday was pretty average, an empty day as our Wednesdays usually are. We spoke Slovak only the whole day again and actually ended up running into one of our other friends just out on the street. He said he has been reading the Book of Mormon and believes in its truth already which was super great to hear. Besides that though nothing out of the ordinary.

Thursday we did our weekly planning in the morning, which took it out of us as usual, then headed out to Čadca again to visit the family we teach there. We ended up being there for quite a while but they fed us carbonara and we had a good discussion so that was cool. Then we had dinner with the branch president from Bratislava, who was passing through. Unfortunately we were super full from lunch still so we only got soup and got roasted for it but what can you do.

Friday morning was a few meetings and then in the afternoon a lesson with Peter, this time we brought a member and it went really well. Hoping to have more focused lessons like that in the future.

Saturday was also a really good day, that morning we went to our friend Lucia’s house (she’s the one who put us on the radio) and helped her drain and clean her koi pond. That took a while but it was a lot of fun and we caught some of the fish just with our hands as they were easier to catch in the shallow water. The pond also looked way better and she was so grateful. I have great pictures from that. Then we just had a bit of street contacting and our game night, we played monopoly deal and I got all my winning stuff stolen from me and used to win. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Sunday was super nice weather, church was very nice although not a ton of people came, and then we went and tried to find people north of the city and saw some cool views and pretty houses. That was about it.

Then finally Monday we headed out to trenčín real early and played some basketball and soccer, then went to Babka’s house for a bit if a birthday celebration. She made us really good soup and then stuffed peppers, and we went and looked around her yard and just kinda laid in the sun for a bit. I got a bunch of flower pictures. It was super good to see her and I’m so glad I get to live here and go over often, what a cool opportunity. After that we went by some of the super yellow fields and got some pictures, stopped by the city center and saw it was actually super busy because of the holiday today, (they had a band and everything) and then went home.

Hopefully you’re all good with all the flooding going on, the pictures seem crazy. Nothing much like that here, thankfully. But it’s been a good week and I’m glad it’s spring and everything is blooming.

Photos as usual:

S láskou 

Starší Cundick 

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