The Best Day Off is a Surprise Day Off

Snow day! I got up this morning to get ready for work. Dragged myself out of bed reluctantly, but what can you do? And so I was already resigned to my fate when I checked my messages, and discovered it was freezing rain out, and that the kids and I had both earned a reprieve from our fates.


Not that I can take the whole day off, of course. Still have to do my writing and exercise, and I have a Skype call at 1 for the Maine Library Association. But the fact is that I’m sitting here typing this in my pajamas, and you’ll hear no complaints from me about that. (Though one disadvantage? Today is baking day for Denisa, and that means I’m sitting here smelling all sorts of lovely bread getting baked up in the kitchen next door. And I’m still on my diet.)

Ah well.

In any case, I’m going to cut today’s post short, because it’s a snow day, and I feel like it. Try to get along this Friday without a thought provoking masterpiece from yours truly, and I’ll catch you all again on Monday!

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