The Czech Republic is Changing Its Name

And in the “I thought this story was on the Onion, but it wasn’t” department for the day, the Czech Republic is sick and tired of people not knowing its name. (Really?) And so they all got together and decided to change it.

I imagine it was was an epic brainstorming session. They could be anything they wanted. The sky was the limit. And to prove that this was done by committee, they ended up with . . .


That’s right, folks. They were sick of being called Czecho or Chechnya, so they switched to Czechia. Because no one will have a problem with remembering *that* name at all.

I don’t know if they’re ready for the fall out. Because if this really catches on, then people will call them Czechians, speaking  Czechian. And *nobody* will confuse that with Chechens at all.

But whatever. People can be called what they want to be called, and countries can follow suit.

I convened a panel to change my own name, actually. But we came up with changing it to “Idiot,” and I ended up deciding not to go through with it. Just because plenty of people call me that anyway didn’t really seem like the best reason to switch it . . .

Happy Friday, folks. Have a great one.

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