The Princess Bride and Various Other Sundries

We watched The Princess Bride last night with TRC. We’d tried a while ago, but he was still too young at the time (the shrieking eels freaked him out). Last night, I’m happy to report it was a resounding success. For the record, his favorite character was Fezzik, favorite part was when Fezzik conks the albino over the head, and favorite line was “Anybody want a peanut?” He’s been saying that non-stop since we watched it, giggling each time. Very funny. Next stop: Lord of the Rings. (I’m just kidding!)

Secondly, my laptop died last night. The light on the LCD screen has gone the way of all lights, burning itself out into a worthless piece of garbage. Sigh. In good news, the rest of the computer still works fine, so I’m thinking about hooking it up permanently to my television set, and using it for Netflix streaming. If I just buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, I should be sitting pretty. Heck–then I could surf the web and do all sorts of cool computery stuff, all at 42″ of bliss. Maybe this is a good thing . . . Anyone out there ever try something like that before?

Thirdly, I’m off my diet. 190 pounds exactly. That’s 16% of my starting weight lost, which is nifty. The next step is to go into maintenance mode–I’ll still be counting calories, it’s just that I can give myself a larger food budget. Once I know how much I can usually eat, then I’ll slowly stop counting and just go by feel–still watching my weight all the while, of course. Blech.

And finally, I have here a tech support flowchart (from xkcd) for all of you technically challenged peoples out there. Please consult this before calling your buddy to ask for help. It’ll save you some embarrassment in the long run, trust me. 🙂

Happy Friday, all!

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  1. AMS hooked up his old desktop to our TV (complete with wireless keyboard and mouse). It’s sort of hard to read the text from our usual viewing spot, so it’s not great for surfing the web or doing work. However, it’s great for streaming stuff from the internet. If you want opinions on the process (as well as pluses and minuses of installing a TV tuner in your computer), send him an email.

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