Third Grade–and Pre-K

It’s that time of year again. The time when your Facebook feeds get crammed with the requisite “First Day of School” pictures. And who am I to scoff in the face of tradition? TRC headed off to third grade this morning, and DC is going to be going to full day Pre-K starting next week (twice per week).

DC is especially excited. She sat TRC off this morning, and she’ll be riding a “real bus” and everything.

I talked to TRC some, asking him what he thought about third grade, and if he was worried at all about it, or bummed that summer vacation was over. “You don’t get it, Dad,” he said. “I actually kind of like school.”

I get it more than he realizes–I remember feeling the same way.

Another cute aside–at my reading on Monday evening, TRC’s favorite part was seeing his school librarian there in the audience. He also confided in me that “When you were talking this time, it was actually fun to listen to you. Even better than playing with Transformers.”

High praise, indeed.

Anyway–life goes back to normal. Summer’s over. For some reason, I always have an easier time going to work when my kids are going to school. Life seems much more fair. 🙂

Here’s another couple of pics of the kids, for good measure:

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