Library Visit Report–and Another Vodnik Giveaway!

(Sorry for the pic. Sometimes I just feel a bit like I’m shilling my book a little too heavily. I hope that’s not the case.)

I went to the New Vineyard Public Library last night, and I was blown away by what an awesome crowd they had. Realize this is a town of about 600 people or so. The public library isn’t exactly NYPL proportions. But I’m all for supporting the local libraries, and I was excited for the visit, no matter how many people showed up.

I got there and the parking lot was full, and so was the room. Standing room only, pretty much. (Unless you wanted to get really snug with your neighbor.) It was a great group. with ages ranging from teens to . . . much older. (I didn’t ask for ages.) Tons of questions after I read the first chapter of Vodnik, and I’d brought a box of books (thinking it never hurts to be prepared, but not realistically believing I’d actually sell any) and came home with only three (books, not boxes). Really, it was just a fantastic experience, and I’m very grateful to the library for having me out.

(And remember–if you’d like me to visit or “visit” (via Skype) your library or school, let me know!)

In other news, Readnowsleeplater is running a giveaway, courtesy of Goodreads. So if you’re interested in winning a free copy of Vodnik, head on over and enter. (You can also enter via the link in the widget on the right side of my blog.) It closes on September 15th. Tell all your friends! It’s open to people in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Shiny!

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