Time for Friday

Friday’s here again, like a girlfriend in high school that keeps taking you back, only to scorn you again a few days later. Honestly, can’t somebody talk to Wednesday and see what Friday really thinks about me? Monday seems pretty attracted to me–maybe I could make her talk to Wednesday for me, and find out. Because I want this thing to work out between Friday and me. When we’re together, life is happy. Birds sing in the trees, the sun shines, and color returns to the world, like Dorothy stepping out into Oz.

Oh well.

My NCAA picks yesterday didn’t turn out too shabby. 13 out of 16 right, and none of my Sweet Sixteen are eliminated yet. So that’s something. Of course, I’ve now realized that as soon as I blog about something going well, I curse myself. Like yesterday. Remember how I talked all big about how well writing went and how I liked GoogleDocs? Yeah, well, this morning I had a bit of a falling out with GoogleDocs. It wouldn’t automatically tab for me, and I wasted precious writing minutes trying to get it to behave. Only 300 words written, which means I still have to finish. Some of this is due to starting a new chapter–and a new viewpoint character–but I’d rather blame Google. It makes things so much simpler.

And as a final last barrage, let me take a moment to grouse about Easter and the lack of vacations connected thereto. Maybe somebody out there’s getting spring break, or Easter Monday off or Good Friday. Not me. I’m at work. Working. (Well, technically I’m at work blogging, but that’s because this is my lunch break, and I have to do something while I’m breaking for lunch. (Since I already ate my lunch early. (Since I was hungry. (Although as a sidenote to this sidenote, I was down to 225.6 pounds this morning, which pleased me. (Even though it also confused me. (Since yesterday I went to town on a Ben & Jerry’s New York Superchunk Fudge pint, and by so doing prepared myself to be back to 228 this morning. And I think that’s enough parentheticals for now.))))))

Where was I?

Oh yes. Lack of vacation at Easter time. What I mean is we get the glut of holidays around the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), and then we have to eke them out one at a time the rest of the year. A President’s Day here, a Fourth of July there. Gimme my Easter Break! All I want is a Friday and Monday off. Not just for me. For the entire nation! For the entire world! Equal holidays for all! And when I’m President, there’ll be a chicken in every pot and a . . .

Oh. (*looks around sheepishly*)

Excuse me.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

See you Monday.

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  1. NEVER
    Never too many parantheticals, muhahahaha!!!!
    Terrible when we can’t stop interrupting ourselves, huh?
    Forgot to add “Because I don’t have Monday off.”

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