Early Morning

So this morning I got up about 45 minutes earlier than I usually do. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been having a difficult time doing my writing in the late afternoon. I stress about it all day, wondering how it will go. Not because the writing itself is difficult, but because there’s so many other things that need my attention after I get home from work. Family, chores, dinner–you name it. And I really don’t like putting my writing off until late at night. The stress then is what if I don’t get it done. So I tried early morning. Fantastic. No distractions at all. No one else in the house was up, and I knew I only had a set amount of time to churn out those words, so I got right on task and stayed there. 600 words plus written. That’s a good feeling.

Another change I’ve made to my writing routine right now is that I’m using GoogleDocs to write instead of Word. This sacrifices a lot of features, but it also means that I can write from any computer connected to the internet at any time. This brings enough advantages with it that I’m willing to sacrifice Word’s perks. Plus, GoogleDocs is free, and it keeps backups of all my revisions, automatically. I feel much safer having my writing there. No more worries about lost drafts. Nice.

And the Madness has started, baby! I’m keeping up with the scores as I type. Come on Xavier, Michigan State and Kansas. Don’t make me look bad! I’m looking particularly at you, Xavier. Down by 6 to Georgia? Come on! Kevin, looks like it’s just me and you on the ESPN bracket group. You realize you’re going to lose, right? I was tempted to join in your pool this morning at the last minute, but I couldn’t justify the $10. We need it for other purposes up here in Maine. At least my family bracket ended up panning out. But that’s  been going on for quite a few years, so it has tradition on its side.

Finally, I’m writing this from the lobby of one of the buildings on campus.  I’m technically fulfilling my duties as a librarian, sitting here with a “Librarian Is In” sign next to my computer and a “Research Assistance Free” sign on the other side. I’ve been here for almost an hour. No one has come up to ask me anything, and I feel like a real dingbat. Sigh. If there’s any UMFfers reading this, next time you see one of us Librarians out and about with these signs up, do me a favor and at least swing by and say hi. We need the encouragement.

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