Do you ever wonder if there isn’t some little beast out there that feeds on time? I think my apartment might have an infestation right now. I know that I had lots of time this morning, when I was thinking about what I’d get done today, but somehow all that time disappeared on me. Sheesh. Moving to Maine is expensive, and it’s going to involve a lot of driving. The AC in my car is broken, and I’m too cheap to fix it, so it’s lucky we’ll be driving a rental truck. That’s worth some of the cost right there. We’re also in the middle of trying to find a place to live. Another difficult thing to do cross country. However, we have some good contacts, and we should hopefully find some possibilities.

I haven’t given an update on my writing in a while, I realize. The Vodnik story is now into its third draft–the last one I’ll do before I send it off in hopes of getting published or getting an agent. I’m tightening now, and I have to say that I feel like the book came together very nicely. I actually had one reader say that the ending is now too tense–too much happening all at once. His exact quote was that it was too much like 24, which is funny, considering my original draft had been evaluated as being not enough like 24. I guess I went too far. 😉 In any case, I should be done with that in 2-3 weeks, and then I’ll send it off into the beyond and see what happens. After that, i get to either work on Ichabod rewrite or planning the next as yet unnamed book. Probably I’ll plan, revise Ichabod, and then write the next book before I revise Ichabod one more time . . . we’ll see. It’s such a nice feeling to be at the end of some of these long term projects at last and to feel like all that time wasn’t wasted. Joy.

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