It’s official. Today was my last day of work at my public library. So for the next month, I don’t have a job. No work–just helping my wife with her thesis and working on writing and planning the move. That doesn’t sound like much, I suppose, but moving is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Writing’s going well–I’m chopping each chapter by 10-20%, but it’s a real pain to do. Feels monotonous, but I know the story’s improving because of it, so that’s something.

2 thoughts on “Unemployed”

  1. Ummm
    Did you somehow forget the PARENTING part? you were gonna PARENT a lot? 🙂
    And moving totally stinks. Tell me they’re getting you a moving company?

  2. Re: Ummm
    Parenting goes without saying. It’s like breathing. Always there. And no, no moving company. I’ll be loading the van, driving the van and unloading it. Lucky me.

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