Various Things I’m Thankful For

I’m taking off the weekend to . . . you know–have a holiday. Maybe eat too much turkey. Definitely eat too much pie. It’s good to have basic goals in life, right? So you won’t see any blog posts from me for the next few days. But I thought I’d take a moment today to do something similar to what it seems everyone and his brother has been blogging about all month: run down a list of some of the things I’m thankful for. There’s plenty to be happy about these days.

  • My wife–My life would really kind of stink without her. But if I remind her about that too much, I end up having to vacuum more often. Choosing who to marry has a drastic impact on your life–much more than you often realize when you get married. I’m really thankful that I somehow managed to con this fantastic woman into thinking I was a catch.
  • My kids–TRC and DC are really some of the best behaved children I know. Obviously I’m biased, but hey–why can’t a dad brag about his brood now and then? They’re obedient, quiet when asked, smart, funny, and talented. They’re a lot of fun to be around.
  • My house–The more work I put into it, the happier I am with it. In many ways, it feels like another family relationship. Sure, it still has some issues (lots of issues), but so do I, and I’d like to think people love me in spite of those issues, the same way I love my house, drafts and all.
  • Mouse traps–This is related to the house. If it weren’t for mouse traps, I’d have to get a cat. And we don’t want that, my precious. We hates cats. Filthy little kittenses.
  • Netflix–Until this lovely invention, my life was filled with DVD purchases and overpriced rentals. Even with the increase in price, I still love this service. I’ve had the Kool-aid, my friends. And it is sweet.
  • Snow days–I’m on vacation, but I don’t have to take it as vacation. Why? Because it’s snowing a foot in Maine (not where I am). And they closed campus for the day. Which means that when I get back, I’ll get to take another vacation day on a day of my choosing, since I sort of have to use some vacation up before the end of the year, or I lose it. How cool is that?
  • My church family–Living in Maine wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is if it weren’t for all the wicked nice people I’ve met since moving there. I’ve made some really strong friends in my church, and they’ve come to feel like my family up there in a way that I’ve never really felt about church people. We look out for each other. People ask me how I can live so far away from the rest of my family–my church is a big reason why that’s possible.
  • Technology–Some people would be happy living without the wonders of technology. Some people would love living the medieval life, or being in the wild west. I’ll take my air conditioning, computers, fast cars, gadgets, and modern medicine.
I’m thankful for lots more, of course–but I’m running low on time, and this is getting sappy enough as it is. Have a nice long weekend, everybody. See you on the flip side!

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