Driving Back to Maine

 Me here. Still in Pennsylvania. I’m just finishing up packing, and then I have to drive eight or nine hours (depending on traffic) back to Maine. I love coming down to visit, but the drive isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Still, there are perks. Audio books help (Denisa and I are “reading” Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card. Really enjoying it–and I have to say it’s a whole different experience now than when I read it the first time. Then, I was just back from my mission, and I hadn’t met Denisa yet. Now, I’ve been married to her for over ten years. My views of Russia and linguistics have really changed (go figure). When I read it the first time, I certainly had no idea that I’d end up having such a stronger connection to that part of the world.

We’ll also be able to listen to Christmas music now, which is a fun way to while away the hours. Unless you’re trapped in Walmart and forced to listen to it. Then, not so much.

Anyway–wish me luck, everybody.

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