March Madness: The Revenge

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air, the snow is melting, and across the nation, printers are churning out tourney brackets like crazy. Want to play with your fellow Bryce’s Rambling’s Blog Readers? Join the group I just created:

Group: Bryce’s Ramblings
Password: ozzy

Of course, I realize that the vast majority of my blog readers don’t care a whit for March Madness. Oh well. Last year, I even offered a free copy of one of my books to the winner. I had a grand total of two people compete in the pool–including me! So this year, if you win, I shall instead do something more public. I’ll devote an entire blog post to you, telling the world just how truly wonderful you are. If that isn’t incentive enough, I don’t know what is.

Oh–and if you’re one of the regular participants in my family bracket (you know who you are!) and haven’t heard the details on that one yet, post a comment, and I’ll make sure you get the heads up.

Let the madness begin!

2 thoughts on “March Madness: The Revenge”

    THAT is tempting.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think I have even remotely the brain power it would take to try to learn anything about college ball to participate even remotely. I know NOTHING about march madness, and I am suffering of pregnant brain.
    But have fun!

    Come on. Try it. It takes just a second to register, then you click on a bunch of names, hit submit, and you’re good to go. 🙂 Even my son fills out a bracket.

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