Vodnik March Madness

Imagine my surprise the other day when, in the middle of perusing a Kindle sale in search of a new book to read, I came across my own book on sale. For the rest of the month, Amazon has decided to knock VODNIK down to $1.99 on Kindle, and promote it as part of their big sale effort for the month. Pretty cool, I say. It’s the sort of thing that could really feed on itself–as more people buy the book, it could (theoretically) rise up the ranks of the sale until it pops up near the top of its categories. (Strangely, it’s listed in the “Children’s Fiction” section, not the “YA Fiction” section, which probably doesn’t help matters . . . It’s also not listed in “Fantasy”. Anyone smarter than I have suggestions on how to rectify that?)

But in any case, feel free to pass information on that sale to anyone you think might be interested.

In the meantime, it’s also high time for a little March Madness. As always, I’m doing a blog group for fans of me, my family, my blog, my writing–anybody who wants to join. I have no idea what I’ll do for a prize this year. Perhaps I’ll leave it up to the winner. Some potential ideas I’ve had:

  • Blog entry on a topic of their choice, written by yours truly. (I’ve done this in the past, lauding the winner and detailing how much better they are than I.)
  • The opportunity to write a guest post, plugging anything they’d like to
  • I’ll read and critique a chapter or short story for them
  • Or anything else within reason.

I do reserve the right to veto some proposals, but I’m open to just about anything. Writing a post about how awesome the Red Sox are, or how great the Utes are? Sure–I’d do that. It’s a win-win folks! And if I win? You don’t risk a thing. I’ll just write a post about how awesome I was to win. 🙂

So anyway–to join the fun, go here, fill out your bracket, and join my group.

Group: Bryce’s Ramblings
Password: vodnik

Come one, come all! The more the merrier. Let the madness commence! (Fill out and join by Thursday morning, or it’ll be too late!)

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