A Peaceful, Happy Post

There have already been three different posts I almost put up today. Posts that would have been thought provoking and inspired no small amount of discussion on Facebook (and maybe even here on my blog.)

I didn’t post any of them.

Why not? Simple. I didn’t feel like handling the slog of posts and responses and back and forth nitpicking that would be unleashed by posting them. It’s Monday, for crying out loud. I’m not up to comment wrangling. Certainly not up to the sort of wrangling that would ensure if I’d pulled the trigger on any of those posts. (Topics that were drafted, and rejected? Convinced atheists, sustainings in church, and sci-fi/fantasy voting scandals. Hmm . . . maybe if I made them into one single post, they’d somehow cancel the controversy out . . .)

I check my stats on my blog. It makes me happy when people read what I write. Go figure. But every now and then I have to check myself. Make sure I’m not writing things for the sole purpose of getting people to read them. Pursuing stats is a really bad motivation for blogging and writing in general, I’ve found. It results in some pretty crummy content.

So instead, I’m going to post this happy little puppy video. Because while the world might not need more controversy on a Monday, it could always do with a bit more puppies.

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