Dentist Date

My wife and I had the most expensive date we’ve been on together in years today. Better yet, we even managed to convince an insurance company to help us fund this date. Because I care about you my beloved blog readers so deeply, I shall share my wonderful discovery so that you, too, many experience the joys of an insurance funded date with your significant other. See, I had an appointment to go to the dentist’s, and then my wife’s tooth decided to die, so she got an appointment, too. At the same time. I got my teeth cleaned. She got a tooth pulled. I talked to a Laurie, a very nice Dental Assistant, and my wife talked to the dentist (when she was able to talk, of course), a very nice man. So we went on a date together to go pay to have painful things done to us by people of the opposite sex . . . I’ll bet if I phrased it that way to the insurance company they wouldn’t want to foot the bill anymore.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

On an unrelated side note, I watched Legend the other day. The one with Tim Curry as Hellboy and Tom Cruise as Peter Pan. Oh–and Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend played a princess. I’m sure I’m going to stomp on some fangirl or fanboy toes about this, but that movie was just about as awful as you can get. Yes, I can see that it played a role in developing the modern fantasy film I know and love today. But as far as character development, plot and acting go . . . fuhgeddabowddit. That said, I think the movie deserves a remake. There was some cool stuff to be found hidden among the tripe–and that’s probably what frustrated me the most.

Do any of you care to disagree with me and show me the error of my ways?

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