Forgetting to Eat Lunch is a Bad Idea

I can be a fairly focused person. When something comes up that I’m paying a lot of attention to, I’ve been known to forget to do a multitude of other things, such as remembering to stir the chili, take out the dog, do the laundry, or–more often–eat. The same thing happened to me today. I’ve been working on a promotional poster for a series of library workshops aimed at helping students increase their library skills. Unfortunately, I got so involved with that poster that I forgot I had a meeting at 1–and so I was supposed to eat early. Right after the meeting (now), I’m on the reference desk. And I teach tonight from 6 until 7:30.

This is just to say that I’m hungry, and I’d like a break about now.

That is all.

PS–Well, one more thing. Every time I feel like complaining, I realize that my day could, in fact, be much much worse. This worse, in fact. I’ll think twice the next time I wear my Eeyore costume to work.

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