Why I Like the Amazing Race

DKC and I were trying to relax last night–I’d gotten all in a huff about politics (something that’s happening more and more often lately)–so we decided to kick back and watch the season premiere of The Amazing Race. I love this show, and DKC asked me why. She’s got a point. It’s reality television, it’s about airplanes and airports–things I detest in real life. I think the reason it appeals to me is because it gives me a chance to see a whole lot of traveling happening, but with the plane rides all reduced to Indiana Jones-style red lines traveling across a map. I don’t have to live through the rides. Plus, it reminds me of It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Rat Race. Who doesn’t love a good “race across the world and try to get to the money first” kind of thing?

Speaking of movies, I watched two over the weekend. Fearless Vampire Killers was absolutely dreadful. Two hours of my life I am never getting back. Thankfully, it was two hours I was sick, and I slept through some of it, so there are worse ways of losing two hours. Marnie was a different story. It’s a Hitchcock, starring Sean Connery. Definitely high on the creepy scale, and well-done enough (though some of the acting was a tad off), but it left me with a bad aftertaste in my mind. Just disturbing. Thankfully, BYU moved up to 7th and 8th place in the polls this weekend, so that went a long way to taking that taste away. 🙂

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  1. Amazing Race
    We love Amazing Race too. It’s the only reality show we watch. I hate reality TV, but for all the reasons you mentioned, we love this one. We REALLY loved the show Treasure Hunters that was very similar with a more intellectual bent to it. Of course, anything intellectual gets canceled pretty quickly, and the show has never returned for a season 2. Amazing Race is a pretty good substitute.

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