Why I am Disgusted with Politics

Well, the obvious reason is because this blasted election cycle seems to have been going on for the last few millennia. But more specifically, I’m sick of the posturing–sick of the finger pointing and name calling. I swear–it’s like every time something goes wrong, everyone in Washington starts laying on blame. It’s worse than the kids fighting in the backseat on a family vacation. Nobody’s getting anything done. Politicians seem like a vast group of wildly inept people who have no concept of what the term “budget” is actually supposed to mean. If I ran my budget like the government runs theirs, I’d be in prison now.

What are our choices for president this year? On the one hand, we’ve got McCain, a man who freely admitted he knows next to nothing about the economy, but who then decided he had to be in the middle of the economic debate instead of attending the presidential one. (Yes, I’m aware he’s since committed to going to the debate tonight, but that doesn’t change my low opinion of his move.) Plus, I find it suspicious that talks seemed to be going just fine until McCain got there, and then suddenly the GOP was getting all resistant to things. If McCain went just to screw things up . . .

In the other corner, we have Obama, a man whose campaign reminds me of people running for high school class president. He promises everything in the world and reassures us that it won’t cost anything. I’m interested to see what he has to say about his Big Plans tonight now that the economy is in the toilet. The man’s like Willy Wonka, with promises of everlasting gobstoppers. Reality check, please?

Anyway. It just gets me that there doesn’t seem to be any real work going on in Washington. We pay our taxes, and at times it feels like I don’t see a whole lot in return for that money. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening.

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