Immigration: Why It’s a Real Pain

So for today’s still-sick-but-I-have-to-post-something-better-or-I’ll-feel-like-a-total-slacker post, I’m going to give all ya’ll some linkage over to a fascinating flowchart. I know: generally the words “fascinating” and “flowchart” aren’t supposed to go together in the same sentence, but this is the exception to the rule, I swear. It’s all about how the legal immigration process works in the US, and how hard it can be to do it. Go check it out. When DKC and I were going through this, it was a big ol’ pain. Lots of money, lots of “deadlines,” and lots of interviews. What really got frustrating was that they would say you had to meet a certain deadline or else your application was denied, but the government felt free to skip any deadlines they wanted. Grrr . . . Glad that it’s over now–especially because that means we don’t have to worry as much when we travel internationally. (Have I ever told you about the time DKC and I went roaming through the streets of Vienna when we were supposed to be on an airplane? British Air wouldn’t let DKC use London as a layover city unless she had a “transit visa,” because Slovakia was on a list of “dangerous countries.” Seriously. Iran, Iraq, Syria . . . Slovakia? What’s the matter with these people? But I digress . . .) Go check out the page and tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Immigration: Why It’s a Real Pain”

  1. Holy crap.
    This is why it drives me crazy when my students say that illegal immigrants should just become legal. Guess what? They can’t. Guess they should just go back to their home countries where they have no opportunities. It’s very easy for my American-born upper-middle-class white students to say. WE have opportunity through no real action of our own, and too bad for everyone who doesn’t.
    On the other hand, uncontrolled immigration would probably cause a whole bunch more problems.
    It’s all a big mess if you ask me.

  2. Yeah. Big mess describes it pretty well. I sympathize with people who want to come to America, but I believe it has to be done legally. If laws need to change, then so be it, but it’s not fair to the legions of people who try to follow the rules if the people who don’t can just cut in line and get away with it. Then again, with the economy tanking, maybe people won’t be as anxious to come here anymore. Sheesh.

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