House Work, Dentists and a Review of Zombieland

A variety of updates for you today. First off, an update on the house: the chimney has started to rise again. Four layers of bricks were added yesterday, and from what DKC tells me, more layers are going up even as we speak. Or read. Or write. Or . . . whatever. As for the barn, we’ve decided not to paint it this year. The temperatures here in Maine have dropped sharply, and we don’t want to paint it, only to have it go sour and have to redo it in a year or two or three. So we’re focusing instead on just getting it all repaired, then we’ll paint it in spring. The cedar shingles are the only parts that won’t be painted, but from what I’ve been told, those should weather the winter fine without paint, and then be good to go in the spring. (Anyone disagree with that statement? Are we making a mistake? Do tell.) As for the repair work on the barn, it goes more slowly than I’d like, but I think that’s the nature of the beast. I’d really love to be able to wave a wand and have it all fixed, but that’s not gonna happen. We have the front almost finished, another side half finished, and the back not started. One day, it’ll be done. One day . . .

And now to the next subject: back by popular demand, DENTISTS! That’s right. Remember our adventures last year, when we traipsed to Slovakia to get DKC’s teeth fixed. Well, good news and bad news. Bad news first: one of the three teeth we had fixed (the worst one) is hurting again. Meaning it’s likely we’ll have to repair it. Meaning more money. (And we can’t do the Slovakia trek this time around–though thankfully we have a bit better of a way of covering it with insurance this time). The good news? Well, it’s not as disheartening as you might think. We only spent about $300 on that tooth a year ago, so it’s not like we’re losing a ton of money by repairing it again so soon. Bottom line is that we wanted to go to Slovakia, and doing what we did last year let us go. If we’d stayed to fix it right then here in America, we couldn’t have gone. Still, I suggest all eligible bachelors out there request complete dental records of their fiancees before committing themselves to any final decisions. In my case, DKC could have all her teeth cost me $50,000 each, and I’d still be getting a deal. But in your case . . . :-)_

And finally, a short movie review for you. Zombieland is likely not up most of my readers’ alleys. It’s ultra-violent, foul mouthed . . . and perfect for me. Does that say something about me? Perhaps. But it’s a comedy about zombies, and I wrote two whole books about the critters. The Parker in me loved every second. If you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, this movie is for you. If you thought Shaun was too British, this movie is even more for you. Four stars.

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