I’m Exhausted

Lying in bed right now trying to recuperate from my day. Just moved a late Nineteenth Century piano into my living room. It was a very generous gift from a co-worker, and it’s going to look gorgeous in there. But it was quite the ordeal getting it in. Thankfully, no one broke anything, and it’s still in one piece. Now to get it tuned and start practicing again. In addition to that, I worked another four hours on my house today–got rid of more bad fascia, and got it ready for the new to go up. I’m very ready for winter to be here–not because my house is ready, but because I’m ready to have a break from all of this. Anyway. Not much time to post–I have to go in soon to try and figure out how to fit a piano into our decorating scheme in the living room. Them things are big, ya know?

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