On Michael Cohen

I’ve watched some of the Cohen proceedings while I’ve been at home sick (again!), and I’m not really sure what to say, except how disappointed I continue to be by our government. That we ever got to this point is such a sad state of affairs. That the President’s personal lawyer has admitted to lying to congress. That he’s now accusing the President of all sort of terrible things, and that a large portion of the country believes him.

That instead of handling this in a way even remotely resembling adults, our leading politicians choose instead to spend their time grandstanding, playing to the people at home who either wish Cohen would bring this whole presidency toppling to the ground or wish all those smarmy Democrats would finally be put in their place.

In the end, I just turned it off. As much as I’m against Trump, I don’t believe anything Michael Cohen says under “oath” will have any sort of an impact on the end result. It’s possible, of course, that some of the documents he produces might, if they can be verified, but even they will be tarnished goods, open to skepticism.

The fact that the “hearings” are going on for so long is even more depressing, as each politician wants his or her chance to bloviate into a microphone for their allotted time, until they’re cut off and have to cede the floor to the next chest thumper.

There are so many important things happening in the world. The fact that we have a President who’s acted in a way that set the stage for all of this to happen is disgusting. And that we continue to have a vast majority of Republicans supporting him is even more discouraging. (Currently 89% of Republicans approve. 38% of Independents, and 5% of Democrats.) So of course Republican politicians are all too eager to show how they support Trump as well.

No. Watching the Cohen hearings is a waste of time, giving the people involved exactly what they so acutely desire: a microphone, a platform, and a sea of listening ears.



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