Weekend Update

As is too often the case, my weekend went by much too quickly. What did I get done in those two days? I taught DKC how to use the snow blower, practiced bass guitar, got some writing done, watched the kids, watched the Eagles beat the Giants(!), made some phone calls, drove in hazardous weather, kept the wood stove cranking out heat, watched the Golden Globes, and managed to polish off three movies, while I was at it. When I put it like that, it actually seems like I did something! At the time, I just felt busy. And cold. It’s quite very cold here right now. The high on Thursday is supposed to be around 1. Low of -20 or so. That’ll be exciting.

What movies did I watch? Shrek the Third, The Simpsons Movie and American Gangster. What did I think of them? Shrek and the Simpsons were both a bucketful of meh. Simpsons felt like a long episode of the TV show, and when you get right down to it, there’s a reason the tv shows are only a half hour long. Shrek 3 was fun, but more of the same. Two and a half stars for both of them, mainly for lack of originality. Gangster (Denzel Washington plays an up and coming Black drug lord, Russell Crowe plays the cop out to get him) was better, but it felt like it was trying a tad too hard. Well acted, and certainly interesting–especially since it was based on a true story–but in the end, it just didn’t do enough to set it above other good gangster/mafia movies. Three stars, but solid.

And for a writing update, I’m finally revising ParkerBoy in earnest. I have a list of Things To Change, and I’m plowing through them. Going quite well. Thanks for wondering.

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