Yay for Freezing Rain

Courtesy of an ice storm, I’m at home today instead of at work. So to make sure I used the time as efficiently as possible, I’m Completing Projects. That’s right. Ichabod is done and printing even as I type, and it’ll be in the mail to an agent tomorrow. Already got confirmation that he wanted to see the whole thing. So I’m happy about that. I’m also happy that I should be able to finish my taxes today. Just got the final form. And that means I’ll be getting a hefty rebate soon, which makes me even happier. And instead of snow, it’s ice, which means less shoveling, hopefully. And it’s supposed to warm up in the afternoon, which is even better.

Right now, life is good.

2 thoughts on “Yay for Freezing Rain”

  1. Hi Bryce
    I stumbled upon your blog via Marie’s blog. She was bragging about getting to read your book? How do I rate? J/K….I wish you the best in getting it published.
    The best part about your blog….is those pic’s of that adorable new baby. My eyes have been aching to see her, but since she hasn’t made her debut yet, I’ll settle for the internet viewing.
    And I ask you…why do keep your funny side so hidden? I expect it to be revealed the next time you teach GD.
    Oh….just so you know, ALL the winters are NOT this bad. Stick around, next year will be worse.
    Take care and tell your wife congrats from Kim.

  2. I don’t want to be ANONYMOUS, I am Kim of Maine. Mike’s wife. Mom to 5. Institute teacher. Sister. Daughter. Aunt. Niece.
    My blog is Chez Nous in Maine, if you really want to identify me.

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